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Company Registration

Company Registration in Kasaragod  

We SV Consultant extended our company registration services in Kasaragod to provide you with immense online services with our professional team. With many years of experience by undertaking multiple projects, we gained more involvement and proficiency in this field. We are genuine and guide you to reach your needs as soon as possible. We make the strategic approach to get the right solution for your problems. Our vision is to use technology in an accurate way to act as a one-stop solution for all your necessities in Kasaragod. We provide the company registration services in Kasaragod at cost effective.

Excited to start your own company? Registering your company is the most important part in running your business. Registering your company is a simple process though, it might leave you in an unlikely situation when not done at the right time.

However, it is one of the primary steps while starting your business. Moreover, it is one of the legal mandates to run a business in India. Nevertheless, you should also register your company under the right category depending on your company’s structure, number of people, capital & the revenue of your company.


How to Start a Company in Kasaragod?

Whe you have the right idea, mindset, people & capital, starting a company in Kasaragod is easy. But it is important to be aware of all the legal procedures & meet all the legal requirements. Company registration is the one primary requirements for all matters of your company. In addition, company registration process in Kasaragod can be done is few days, depending on the category of your company.

The process itself is straightforward, it can be done in matter of days. You just have to fill a form & submit few documents that are mandatorily required.

We, SV Consultant can help and support you with every kind of company registration in Kasaragod. Our service is not limited to startup company registration in Kasaragod or Private limited company registration in Kasaragod.

Besides, as we mentioned earlier there are many types of company structures, such as Private Limited Company

  1. Liability Limited Partnership
  2. One-Person company
  3. Proprietorship Company
  4. Partnership company

All these companies are different from each other and the company structure also differs from one another.


Private Limited Company Registration in Kasaragod

A private limited company is made up of a founder(s) and a team of employees. If a business is looking for outside investment, this is the best option. For private limited company registration in Kasaragod, the company needs at least two partners.

We, SV Consultant can support you with Private limited company registration in Kasaragod. With us, you can register for a Private limited company in Kasaragod without any hassle. Also, the procedure for registering a Private Limited company is so simple. You just need to a few set of documents and get your company registered.


Liability Limited Partnership Company Registration in Kasaragod

A Liability Limited Partnership company, aka LLP Company, is a combination of both partnerships and businesses. In this case, the partners of the company are not obligated to pay the debts of the company. Because businesses likely have many partners, they are not responsible for their actions and poor performance.

The LLP company registration in Kasaragod requires at least two partners, as same as the Private Limited Company. Besides, it is also necessary that at least one of the partners should be an Indian resident. We, SV Consultant can help you with the LLP registration procedure in Kasaragod and get your LLP registration in Kasaragod.


One Person Company Registration in Kasaragod

One Person Company also known as OPC, is a form of organization in which a company is registered with only one person or owner. Similar to the Private limited company, all rules & regulations apply to the One-Person company. Further, this type of company has a turnover limit and when it reaches the limit, it must be switched to a Private limited company.

For OPC registration, you need the Owner/Director of the company and a nominee. We SV Consultant can help you register your company for OPC registration in Kasaragod.


Proprietorship Firm Registration in Kasaragod

A Proprietorship firm is one of the easy to form business structure. It is when the proprietor takes care of the Finances, Capital, operates the business and foresee all the risks. This structure is similar to the OPC where the business is owned by a single person.

For sole Proprietorship registration in Kasaragod, you do not need any person to accompany you for company registration in Kasaragod. Besides, we are always here at your service. We are one of the best consultants for Sole proprietorship registration in Kasaragod. We, SV consultant can provide you assistance from the start till the company is registered and beyond.


Partnership Firm Registration in Kasaragod

As the name suggests, this kind of business structure involves two or more individuals to run the firm. For registering the Partnership firm in Kasaragod, you need to have a Partnership deed in which all the details such as share, investments of the partners are mentioned.

There are few documents required for Partnership firm registration in Kasaragod. Those documents mandatory to register the company under partnership firm,

  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Bank statements
  4. Rental agreement
  5. And photographs of the partners.

Although these process might seem easier, you might be left in a maze when you’re registering for the first time. We’d suggest you to take a professional’s opinion on this matter. We are one of the best consultants for company registration in Kasaragod and have acquired several years of experience. Further, we have worked with many clients not just in Kasaragod but also in many parts of Kerala and have successful portfolio.

Contact us today and get crafted services just for you!

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