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MSME Registration in Kerala

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MSME-Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Registration in Kerala

It is commonly known as the Small-Scale Industries or SSI. Any Enterprise can be classified based on their Capital Investment made. The following points give a better understanding of how this classification is done.

  • Service tax
  • If the Investment made by an Enterprise falls exactly or Below Rs.25 Lakh, then it is classified as a Micro Enterprise.
  • If the Investment made by an Enterprise falls exactly or Below Rs.5 Crore, it is classified as a Small Enterprise.
  • If the Investment made by an Enterprise falls exactly or Below Rs.10 Crore, it is classified as a Medium Enterprise.

The above points are just a consideration for the Enterprises belonging to the Manufacturing Sector. Similarly, each sector of Enterprises has its classifications.

Do you find the GST registration process hectic in Kerala?

We make the process uncomplicated, and we help you register, and that fetches you GSTIN, which is a GST identification number that holds a 15-digit number. GSTIN is very much helpful to check with the taxation process. If any compliances arise, then that can be quickly clarified using this number. Hence GST registration is a must; if you fail to do this, there are multiple chances to face the legal consequences. Especially when you are in the field of selling goods, then it is essential to register with your GST. .

MSME Registration:

For an Enterprise to register under the MSME act, one should follow the below MSME registration procedure.

Log in to the official Government portal ‘’ and enter the details as needed for registration. Though it is not mandatory to register as per government policy, registering under this act has its own benefits like incentives, subsidies, credit facilities from banks, and protection against delayed payments from buyers of goods/services. MSME Registration procedure may require a professional’s assistance. So kindly visit us to proceed with the work quickly.

MSME Eligibility:

  1. If you come under the category Limited Liability Partnership, then you can apply for MSME.
  2. Then Hindu Undivided Family can apply for this MSME.
  3. Self Help Groups are eligible for MSME.
  4. If you come under the category Society, then you are eligible.
  5. Co-Operative Society comes under the MSME category.
  6. A community or a person who have Trust are eligible for MSME.
  7. Proprietorships are eligible for this category.
  8. Partnership Firms can apply for MSME.
  9. If you run a Private Limited Company, then you can apply for MSME.
  10. If you run a Public Limited Company, then it’s easy to apply for MSME.
  11. Other than this category, any entity who/which falls under the guidelines mentioned in the Udhyam portal or website can apply for MSME.

MSME Registration in Kerala?

MSME/Udhyam registration in Kerala can also be made online using the same link as shown above. This would result in obtaining a digital certificate, and this alone is sufficient, and there is no need for any physical copy.

Further information can also be accessed through

Aadhar Card & PAN Card are the primary documents required to register in the MSME/Udhyam portal. One can register without having a PAN Card also, but this is not recommended. This Udhyam registration portal is linked with Government databases, which eases the overall registration process by auto-detecting the data like Investment & Turnover of any given enterprise. For this ease, one should make sure to obtain a PAN card before registration.

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