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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Thrissur

A trademark establishes that a company's name, logo, slogan/tagline, and other identifiers are its own. You can prevent other businesses from copying or utilizing your company name or logo.

As one of the leading and best trademark registration consultants in Thrissur, SV Consultant can help you with all of this. We have several years of experience in Trademark registration in Thrissur, which will allow us to provide better services for you.

Trademarks are mandatory in Thrissur?

While trademark registration isn't legally required in Thrissur, it will significantly increase the credibility and trust factor of your company. To minimize duplication and misuse of your company's trademark, you should register it.

We have already mentioned that it's a difficult process. Our trademark registration services are available in Thrissur. To begin with, you must search for trademarks in Thrissur. There should be no overlap between the name and logo you choose and those of other companies.

In India, you can file a trademark application once you have settled on a name that doesn't overlap with another company. The organization reviews the company's business, name, and logo after registration.

Once you get the trademark, you can use it in all your advertising, websites, and hoardings. But you have to renew it every ten years.

Whether you are registering a trademark for an individual or a company, the cost varies. Registration fees are 9000 INR per class and 4500 INR per person.

Are you looking for the best trademark registration consultants in Thirissur? You've come to the right place! Let's get your trademark registered first!

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