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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Wayanad

Trademarks provide the firm legitimacy by demonstrating that the company's name, logo, slogan/tagline, and other identifiers are unique to the company. This prevents other businesses from copying or utilizing your logo or company name.

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Is Trademark mandatory in Wayanad?

Although trademark registration in Wayanad is not required, it gives your company a competitive advantage by increasing its credibility and trust factor. It is suggested that you register your company's trademark to minimize duplication and misuse.

It's a difficult process, as we've already indicated. We can assist you with the trademark registration process in Wayanad. You must first conduct a trademark search in Wayanad. Other registered company names and logos should not overlap with the name and logo you feel is appropriate.

Once you've decided on a name that doesn't overlap, you may file a trademark application with Trademark Registry in India. The organization reviews the company's business, name, and logo after registration.

You can use the Trademark in all of your advertising materials, websites, and other locations such as hoardings, once it has been awarded to you. In addition, you must renew your trademark once in every ten years.

The cost of registering a trademark in Wayanad varies depending on whether you are registering for a corporation class or an individual. The fee for registering a trademark is 9000 INR per application per class and 4500 INR per application per person.

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