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GST Registration

GST Registration in Kollam

GST – Goods and Service Tax is where every direct and indirect taxes such as VAT, Service Tax, Central exercise duty, etc are consolidated and brought under one roof. Every business whose turnover exceeds 20 or 40 Lakhs should register for GST. Besides, those companies whose business are run between states also have to register for GST.

We are SV Consultant we help companies with GST Registration in Kollam. We offer a wide range of registration services in Kollam.

Why do I need GST Registration in Kollam?

Firstly, it is an offence. You are legally required to register and do GST filing in Kollam for your business. If you are not reporting the GST returns filing in Kollam, you might get hefty penalties. Secondly, you will be missingout on more opportunities for your business.

  • When your business is unregistered, you cannot work with many companies and businesses.
  • You can also save the purchase cost if your company is registered with GST.
  • You can also expand your business all over India without any restrictions if you’re registered under GST.
  • Now that, most of the transactions are happening online, you can register for a bank account and remove the barrier which invites more customers.

Once you register for GST, there are more benefits that you can take advantage of. Besides, the GST registration fee in Kollam is just free of cost.  You are just one step away from getting your GST registered with SV Consultant.

Documents required for GST Registration in Kollam

There are only very few documents that are required for GST registration in Kollam.

  1. PAN card of the business or the Applicant
  2. Address Proof of the business
  3. Identity & Address proof of the Promoters
  4. Bank account details

Furthermore, few additional documents might be required for GST registration depending upon the company or the business. But these are few common documents that are required mandatorily.

For instance, the documents for GST registration for Proprietor may vary from the documents required for GST registration for Private Limited/Public Limited company.

On the other hand, registering for GST in Kollam is just not enough. Every company registered for GST should report GST filing in Kollam. This depends from one company to the other and it has to be filed either every month or every quarter.

We got all these sorted, you just have to contact us and we will get things done on your behalf.

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