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GST Registration Process in Palakkad

by  Admin        November 30, 2021

GST – Goods and Service Tax is a single & indirect tax that has been replaced with several taxes such as VAT, exercise duty, service tax and many more, that has been imposed on a business. The GST Registration Process in Palakkad can be done online on the official GST portal itself.

We suggest you to visit the Official GST Registration portal and register for GST with the required details. You have to enter the details of your business, partners and promoters, authorised person, the Principal location and other locations of your business, type of good and service that you offer and in the end, you have to verify with your Aadhar to successfully complete the GST Registration process in Palakkad.

In addition, rather than hopping from one GST registration office in Palakkad to the other, we would suggest you do the Online GST registration in Palakkad. It not just reduces the hassle, but also saves a lot of time, effort and money to register your business under GST. Do the GST Registration in Palakkad at your convenience.

Documents Required for GST Registration Process in Palakkad

Here is the list of documents that are required to complete the GST registration in Palakkad.

  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. ID proofs &Photographs of the Director, Promoter and Partner
  4. Business address proof
  5. Bank account statement and a cancelled cheque
  6. Business registration certificate
  7. Digital signature

These are few documents that are required to carry out a GST registration in Palakkad. In addition, if you are missing any documents like Digital Signature, Business registration, we SV consultant can help you get the documents in the prescribed time.

Furthermore, the GST filing in Palakkad can also be carried out online. You don’t necessarily have to fill the number of papers and take them to an office and file it. It is so simple and can be done from anywhere and anytime but within the specified time.

What happens if you do not register for GST in Palakkad?

If your business’ turnover is more than 40 Lakh, you have to register under GST. If you are not registered, it is an offence by law and heavy penalties will be levied.This means you are deliberately – directly/indirectly avoiding paying taxesfor your business. Nevertheless, the minimum penalty is around Rs.10,000/-.

Save yourself from the hassle. Let us assist you to get your business registered under GST or file GST on your behalf. Contact us today and get assisted by the best GST registration service providers in Palakkad.


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