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GST Registration

GST Registration in Kasaragod

We extended our gst registration services in Kasaragod to provide you with immense online services with our professional team. We are genuine and guide you to reach your needs as soon as possible. We make the strategic approach to get the right solution for your problems. Our vision is to use technology in an accurate way to act as a one-stop solution for all your necessities in Kasaragod. We provide the gst registration and sgt returns services in Kasaragod at cost effective.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is where every direct and indirect taxes such as VAT, Service Tax, Central exercise duty, etc are consolidated and brought under one single taxation. Organisations/Companies whose turn over exceeds more than 20 Lakhs should register for GST in India. Besides, the companies who run businesses across states should register for GST in Kasaragod , regardless of the turnover.


Why do I need GST Registration in Kasaragod?

Firstly, it is an offence if you haven’t registered for GST in Kasaragod. You are legally required to register and do GST filing in Kasaragod for your business. The GST governing body can impose hefty fine if you’re not registerd for GST in Kasaragod. Secondly, you will be missing out on more opportunities for your business, such as

  • You cannot work with many companies and businesses as they require a GST number.
  • Reduced purchase cost if your company is registered under GST in Kasaragod.
  • Business can be expanded all over India without any hassle
  • Now that, most of the transactions are happening online, you can register for a bank account and remove the barrier which invites more customers.

Once you register for GST, there are more benefits that you can take advantage of. Besides, GST registration fee in Kasaragod is just free, you don’t have to pay any registration fee to apply for GST in Kasaragod.


Documents required for GST Registration in Kasaragod

There are only very few documents that are required for GST registration in Kasaragod.

  1. PAN card of the business or the Applicant
  2. Address Proof of the business
  3. Identity & Address proof of the Promoters
  4. Bank account details

Furthermore, few additional documents might be required for GST registration depending upon the company or the business. But these are few common documents that are required mandatorily. For instance, you are required to submit few documents based on the type of your company.

However, you also have to file for GST in Kasaragod every month or every quarter of the year, depending on the company. Just registering for GST will not be considered as your GST has be filed. As we mentioned earlier, you have to report the filings every month or every quarter of the year for GST filing in Kasaragod.

On that note, we at SV Consultant offer wide range of services related to your business. We support & suide companies with GST registration in Kasaragod. Contact us today and get the best services.

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