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Company Registration

Company Registration in Kollam

Company Registration is a simple process. Ideally, that should be your first and foremost step if you are planning to start a business. And it is also one of the legal mandates to run a business. The company has to be registered depending on the structure.

Though it is a simple process, we might suggest you to take an expert opinion on the same. On the same note, we are SV Consultant, we have years of experience and have worked with many clients to help them register in the correct company model.

How to Start a Company in Kollam?

Starting a company in Kollam is just as easy but the important factor is that you have to stay intact with all the legal procedures and meet all the legal requirement. For this to happen, you have to register the company first hand. Depending on the type, the company registration process in Kollam can be done in few days.

As the company registration process in Kollam is pretty straightforward, it can be done quickly and there are only very few documents that are required mandatorily.

We, SV Consultant can help and support you with every kind of company registration in Kollam but not limited to startup company registration in Kollam or Private limited company registration in Kollam.

Besides, as we have mentioned earlier there are many types of company structures, and those are as follows,

  1. Private Limited Company
  2. Liability Limited Partnership
  3. One-Person Company
  4. Proprietorship Company
  5. Partnership company

All these companies are different from each other and the company structure also differs from one another.

Private Limited Company Registration in Kollam

Private Limited company consist of a team of entrepreneurs and employees. It is the best option when the company is looking for external investment. For Private limited company registration in Kollam, there should be at least two partners in a company.

We, SV Consultant can help you with Private limited company registration in Kollam. With us, you can register for a Private limited company in Kollam without any hassle.

Also, the procedure for registering a Private Limited company is so simple. You just need to a few set of documents and get your company registered.

Liability Limited Partnership Company Registration in Kollam

Liability Limited Partnership company aka LLP Company is a combination of both partnership and corporation. In this, the partners of the company are not liable to pay the debts of the company. As there might be many partners in a firm, they cannot be held liable for one’s action or underperformance.

The LLP company registration in Kollam requires at least two partners, as same as the Private Limited Company. Besides, it is also necessary that at least one of the partners should be an Indian resident.

We, SV Consultant can help you with the LLP registration procedure in Kollam and get your LLP registration in Kollam.

One Person Company Registration in Kollam

One Person Company aka OPC is a form of organisation where the company is registered with only one person or also the owner. All regulations and legalities apply to this company similar to the Private limited company. But on the other hand, it has a certain turnover limit. Once the company reaches the limit it has to be converted to a Private Limited company.

For OPC registration in Kollam, you need the Owner/Director of the company and a nominee. We SV Consultant can help you register your company for OPC registration in Kollam.

Proprietorship Firm Registration in Kollam

A Proprietorship Firm is one of the easy to form business structure. It is when the proprietor takes care of the Finances, Capital, operates the business and foresee all the risks. This structure is similar to the OPC where the business is owned by a single person.

For sole Proprietorship registration in Kollam, you do not need any person to accompany you for company registration in Kollam. Besides, we are always here at your service. We are one of the best consultants for Sole proprietorship registration in Kollam. We, SV Consultant can provide you assistance from the start till the company is registered and beyond.


Partnership Firm Registration in Kollam

As the name suggests, this kind of business structure involves two or more individuals to run the firm. For registering the Partnership firm in Kollam, you need to have a Partnership deed where all the details such as share, investments of the partners are mentioned.

There are few documents required for Partnership firm registration in Kollam. Those documents mandatory to register the company under partnership firm,

  1. PAN card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Bank statements
  4. Rental agreement
  5. And photographs of the partners.

SV Consultant offer wide range of services related to your registration. We support & suide companies with Company Registration in Kollam. Contact us today and get the best services.

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